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ready, set, race!

Get ready to speed! Our fully electric karts go up to 40 MPH! Get your adrenaline pumping as you race our multi-level indoor track. Our track is full of hair pin curves, high speed straights, and winding turns that will put your driving skills to the test. This is go karting like you have never seen before! 

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go kart pricing

8 minute race

1 race               $23
2 Races           $46
3 Races           $69
Headsock       $2

matinee pricing



discounted membership pricing coming soon!

Online Booking coming soon!

track layout and karts

the track

Our track combines elevation changes, curves, and straights and is suitable for drivers of all levels. Designed by PGK, our track incorporates the latest track technology to ensure a fun and safe driving experience.

The track’s striking colors and lighting add to the excitement and thrill of the experience.


Our all-electric Sodi Karts have amazing acceleration and top-notch torque. With super responsive steering and speeds, our karts and track will challenge your skills and senses!

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adult and junior races available!

The entire family can enjoy racing our karts! We have adult and junior races available. 

adult kart requirements:

  • Minimum Age: 14+

  • Minimum Height: 54"

  • Maximum Weight: 300 pounds

junior kart requirements:

  • Age: 8-14

  • Minimum Height: 50"

  • Maximum Weight: 200 pounds

track rules

1. All drivers must sign a waiver. Drivers under age 18 must have parent or legal guardian sign waiver.


2. A minimum height of 50" is required for junior karts and 54" for adult karts. 

3. All drivers must attend a safety briefing on go kart rules and regulations.


4. Helmets, headsock and seatbelts must be worn at all times.

5. Open toe shoes are not permitted.

6. Long hair and loose clothing must be secured.


7. No bumping or zigzagging or the karts allowed. Reckless driving is prohibited.

8. Never stop on the track for any reason.

9. Drivers must stay in the kart at all times during their race. If the kart becomes stuck, remain in your kart, raise your hand and wait for track staff to assist you.

10. Drivers are required to follow all warning flags displayed on track screens.

11. The gas pedal is on your right and the brake pedal is on your left. Never press both pedals at the same time.

12. Zero tolerance drinking and driving policy.

For your safety, if you are pregnant, have back or neck problems, heart condition, experience seizures/epilepsy, or can not handle stressful or physically demanding environments, you should consult a doctor before participating.

driver waiver

At ParTee Shack, it is our top priority to ensure the safety of all of our guests and staff. We have several policies in place to ensure your experience is always safe and fun! 

All drivers must sign a waiver before racing 
racers UNDER AGE 18 -  parent or guardian must sign waiver

ParTee Shack has a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and controlled substances. Anyone who appears to be under the influence may be subject to random breathalyzer test. Anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol of any other controlled substance will NOT be permitted to drive.


ParTee Shack reserves the right to remove any driver who is violating track rules or engaging in unruly behavior.

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